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About Noel O'Connor.


I live at Benalla in Northeast Victoria adjacent to the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. My passion for hunting started quite young and at 14 years of age I picked potatoes during my school holidays to buy my first firearm, a double barrel shotgun. After hunting foxes, rabbits, hares and ducks I graduated to hunting goats and pigs with a centrefire rifles. At age 21 my deer hunting career started and I hunted sambar deer at every opportunity I could get. After taking several nice sambar stags my interest expanded to the other species of deer in Australia. Over the next 15 years I managed to take a nice representative specimens of the six deer species in Australia. I have since duplicate that first Grand Slam of deer in Australia 6 times. My love of hunting has seen me travel to some incredible hunting locations, New Zealand (13 times) North America ( twice) and New Caledonia.

I purchased my first video camera back in 1992 and after much encouragement from family and friends released my first deer hunting video (Sambar Safari Volume 1) in 2000.

Having worked as a trade teacher for the Education Department for 25 years I wanted to make my productions as educational and as informative as possible. The footage I collected of deer whilst hunting and guiding others has seen me win the Australia Deer Association (ADA) National Best Wild Deer Video on 7 occasions and the ADA National Best Video Documentary on 5 occasions. I have now produced a DVD of how to hunt all of the deer species in Australia except hog deer which I am still working on. My latest release is call Sambar Deer The Ultimate Challenge. 



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